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Originally began as part of the Pattenburg Fire Company, the founding members of the Pattenburg Rescue Squad answered the need for emergency medical services in Union, Alexandria, Bethlehem Township residents beginning in 1955.

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Although we were still operating out of the firehouse, in 1976 we became incorporated (Inc.); dissecting from the fire company and becoming an independent organization. At this time the Pattenburg Fire Company generously accommodated us by leasing one of their bays for many years until the purchase of 590 Pattenburg Road was completed.

When we first moved to the 590 Pattenburg Road property we were running our operation out of the yellow house that

Our History

still stands on the property. In 1987 the current building selection began, and our groundbreaking ceremony was held. In the following year, the building selections were completed and phase one began. Phase one consisted of the general building construction and the completion of the current layout on the first-floor ambulance bays, small kitchen and crew room.

Building Old Truck Out Front.png

After the completion of phase one in 1990, a building dedication ceremony was held in honor of past member Henry Hogan who was tragically killed in the line of duty in 1984. Henry was a committed volunteer member of the squad for many years. 

Phase two began in the early 1990s consisting of work on the second floor of the building, providing a meeting room and space for training and drills, an office, and some much-needed storage.

In the early 2000s, with an increase of demand and dwindling volunteers, we contracted Clinton First Aid and Rescue in the best interest of our patients to cover us during the days for a short time. In the meantime, we became Licensed by State of NJ with oversight by Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services and began billing for services to recover a portion of our operational costs. In 2007 we hired our first EMS administrator and career staff members to supplement our schedule and cover the voids during times when volunteers are at work.

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In the years 2013 and 2014 our call volume increased as we were frequently covering calls for the Bloomsbury Rescue Squad due to the suffering of their volunteer participation. When the Bloomsbury Rescue Squad (Station 43 Rescue) ultimately closed its doors in 2015, the town of Bloomsbury named the Pattenburg Rescue Squad as the sole provider of EMS for all of Bloomsbury Borough. Since 2013 our call volume has increased by almost 60% and our primary coverage area has grown significantly in square miles!!

Today our primary coverage area is almost 43 square miles including 16 linear miles of  Interstate 78. 
Our organization and day to day operations run smoothly through the hard work and dedication put forth be each and every one of our members as well as the continued support we recieve from those whom we serve. 

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