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Continuing Education

NJLincs is where you will log in to submit your NJ EMT for renewal once all of your Core and Elective CEUs have been completed.

To renew your NJ EMT card you need to complete 24 Core (Refresher  A, B, & C) CEUs and 24 Elective CEUs over the duration of your current certification period.  You can take the Core Refreshers in any order or all at the same time. Module A covers airway, module B covers medical emergencies, and module C covers trauma. 

Developmental Disability class can be taken through this site (free) for 1CEU.

Classes offered from Hunterdon County Emergency Services Training Center (HCESTC) are free to all Hunterdon County First Responders. A variety of classes are available some at other locations such as PRS.

Many classes provided by ATC may be approved for volunteer members to participate in at no charge to them. Please see the Chief to request sponsorship approval prior to registering for ATC classes. 

Many free classes can be taken independently through the FEMA website, such as ICS100, ICS200, NIMS700, NIMS800, Intro to Hazmat and many more. To participate in classes through the FEMA website you must have a FEMA Student ID#, this is free. 

CFARS offers a comprehensive EMT-B class. These classes fill up quickly, for those interested in obtaining their EMT please see the Chief before completing/submitting application.

Our McNeil and Co account is supported by the township as another avenue for members to acquire free training. There are many different types of classes offered through this siteas a perk of being a PRS member.

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